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What if you could double your lead volume and dramatically increase your income in just 61 days? With Lead Generate: 61 Days to Double Your Pay... YOU CAN!

In this book, business coach, top-producing loan officer, and best selling author, Scott Groves, will help you embark on a 61-day journey to build a new lead generation habit, transform your business, and potentially change your life. Learn how to grow your sales pipeline by working daily to improve your skills in lead generation, customer & referral source acquisition, and prospecting.


Scott Groves

Has been lead generating and building new referral sources throughout Los Angeles for nearly two decades. By fostering close relationships with real estate agents, loan officers, and home buyers, Scott has built a successful mortgage career and coaching business through lead generation.

Scott's knowledge in the areas of marketing, management, mortgage lending, and leadership have come through formal education, professional licensing, on-the-job training, and customer interaction. Scott has coached hundreds of loan officers who have followed his helpful advice and found their own pathways to success through focused lead generation.

Teall Haycock
Teall Haycock

“All strategy, No fluff!

Any type of salesperson could use this marketing book to succeed in their field. I absolutely love how it is a blueprint, a step by step guide. I have read over 120 business books, and this is the first that you could refer to in detail on what to do to succeed. I almost want to keep it a secret! Lol

Since the first day I got into the mortgage business, Scott Groves was an idle of mine. Casey Crawford at Movement Mortgage would announce each month our top producers, and I can still hear his voice calling "Boom Boom Scott Groves!" Lol. After 4 years I have finally made the leap into sales, and just in time to start with the Scott Groves - Lead Generate: 61 Days to Double Your Pay."

Eric Leigh
Eric Leigh VP of Mortgage Lending, Guaranteed Rate, Boise, ID

Must Read - I saw Results in 60 days.

I heard the author speak at a Mortgage Lenders Mastermind Conference in Las Vegas in 2019, and was given a free copy of his book just for being there. Hearing the passion for coaching and the importance of focused and intentional Lead Generation activity in Scott's voice when he spoke to us caused me to look at this system of accountability and business development much closer. I did EVERYTHING he said to do in the book (broken down to very short, easy to read chapters, and meant to be read at one chapter per day), including picking an accountability coach to keep my butt on track and call me out when I didn't. I started reading the book in mid-September 2019, and in November of 2019, I had my best month of the year. My December looks great as well and January is already filling up. If you're in any career that is a sales and commission pay structure, this book can help you...I'm living proof. Thank you Scott and Consolidated Coaching.

Chris Garcia
Chris Garcia

Back to the Basics

I've been in 100% commissioned sales for over 30 years in 3 different industries. Something that has never changed was the need to go back to the basics when things weren't working out. Scott spells it out in very simple and easy to follow steps. He doesn't pull punches in his approach. It's all about relationships and discipline.

"Don't talk the talk, if you can't walk the walk" is a saying I have heard over and over. Scott's proven success is proof of him walking the walk...so listen to him talk!

I will attribute any past success of mine to finding the #1 Salesperson in the company and gleaning their proven tactics. Thank you for sharing your secret sauce, Scott! Look out 2019!

Karen Briscoe
Karen Briscoe Author and podcast host "5 Minute Success

Achieve a Higher Level of Success in your Business

Everyone lead generates In order to be successful and thrive in business. Some refer to it as prospecting, business development, marketing, the funnel, lead attraction. Groves breaks it down into 61 days of actionable steps. YOU too can achieve a higher level of success by reading this book and applying the process outlined.

Theresa Crowell Green
Theresa Crowell Green

Great Quick Read

This book is AWESOME! Great tips, QUICK read and let's you get RIGHT to the 'work' needed and suggested in the book. Scott Groves has perfected lead generation and has been gracious enough to share it with the world!!! This book is a MUST for anyone looking to produce results in lead generation FAST - especially if you are in the mortgage lending or real estate business but his tried and true methods will hold strong for any business looking to build leads and repeat business!!!! Thank you Scott!

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